Doctor NameBrent Chabus
    Type of DoctorPsychiatrist
    Address363 7th Ave
    New York, NY 10001
    United States
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    Phone(212) 477-5698
    Were you already on MAOI?No

    Extremely kind and compassionate doctor. He uses MAOIs, but not frequently. Probably because they're not warranted in the vast majority of his cases - he doesn't specialize in treatment resistance, but will help you if you do have a refractory case. Don't expect to waltz in and get whatever you want prescribed. He will want to get to know you and do a full patient history (which is how it should be, IMHO). I would definitely rank Dr. Chabus in at least the top 1% of psychiatrists and I've seen many. None of the common complaints about psych providers are applicable. Does not take insurance, unfortunately.