Doctor NameBradley McClure
    Type of DoctorPsychiatrist
    Name of ClinicCrossroads Counseling
    Address9717 E 42nd St #201
    Tulsa, Oklahoma 74146
    United States
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    Were you already on MAOI?No

    He is willing to go to almost any length to get depression and TRD under control including using lesser used therapies like MAOI’s (Parnate, Nardil, and Emsam), adjunctive anti-psychotics, and adding stimulants for lethargy. Quick appointments but is very intelligent and gets right to the problem you have.

    From 2005-2021, Dr. McClure was a practicing general psychiatrist at Laureate Psychiatric Clinic and from 2015-2020, he was also the Outpatient Medical Director there. Dr. McClure says, “I pursue the treatment of mood disorders with a goal of remission in mind whenever possible, not merely an ‘adequate response’”.