Doctor NameSathish Dayalan
    Type of DoctorPsychiatrist
    Name of ClinicSt Leonards Specialists Clinic
    Address40-48 Atchison St
    St Leonards
    Sydney, NSW 2065
    Map It
    Phone02 9439 2469
    Were you already on MAOI?Yes


    He may have prescribed Parnate, but he is a poor communicator, has an authoritative approach to dealing with patients, and appears to know very little about MAOIs.

    Some issues:
    - Failed to communicate to office staff clearly of an address change, leading to scripts being mailed to the wrong address.
    - Seems to think paradoxical/spontaneous hypertension is caused by anxiety?
    - Is very likely taking kickbacks for prescriptions of lurasidone; will not even suggest to prescribe alternatives like olanzapine. He failed to communicate the high price of the drug and when I complained of the price, he recommended another slightly cheaper store, and said I should spend money buying the medication rather than paying for a quick fix-up session (which he probably should have given me for free).
    - Dismissed augmentation of Parnate with nortriptyline, which is one of the most obvious augments.
    - He's only in on Wednesdays. Hard to get in contact with.
    - Never asked about postural blood pressure unprompted despite its importance wrt establishing whether patient is on a therapeutic dose.
    - Makes changes and titrates far too slowly. If you're not doing very well you can expect to stay that way for months. He seems to value knowing exactly what drug is doing what over improving your mental health, as though you're some kind of guinea pig.

    tldr poor communicator, not knowledegable about MAOIs, likely corrupt.