Doctor NameRhonda Blevins
    Type of DoctorPsychiatrist
    Name of ClinicKentucky Counseling Center
    Address1353 W Main St, Lexington, KY 40508
    Lexington, KY 40508
    United States
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    Were you already on MAOI?No

    I have currently been in Psychiatric treatment since 12 years old (currently 23) and before visiting this psychiatrist, I had failed every class of antidepressants except for a MAOI, while also failing to respond to 12 sessions of Electro-Convulsive Therapy (at age 21) with no responses or reduction in symptoms.

    After this, the doctor I was seeing previously refused to prescribe a MAOI due to pervasive myths regarding drug-drug interactions and dietary restrictions, and proceeded to blame and label the lack of clinical response under her guidance as a personal failing on my part and proceeded to label/discredit my request for a MAOI as having Borderline Personality Disorder and being "unwilling to get better", despite having just underwent ECT.

    Essentially, I searched for a new doctor and came upon Dr. Rhonda Blevins who listened to my medical history and extended list of failed medications and immediately took my suggestion seriously and subsequently prescribed Parnate and titrated me to 60mg where I found remission within 3 weeks. Currently, I have switched to Nardil due to the exorbitant cost of Parnate/Tranylcypromine that I couldn't afford due to insurance issues at the time; I have nonetheless remained in remission on both MAOIs.

    This is the only psychiatrist-- aside from another office which doesn't accept insurance-- that has experience with MAOIs and also remains updated and informed regarding contemporary understanding of drug-drug interactions and dietary restrictions concerning MAOIs, of which I provided her from Ken Gillman's website (https://psychotropical.com/).

    The only caveat is that the office doesn't have a formal agreement to prescribe narcotics as they are comprised of APRNs, so the only issue is regarding augmenting partial responses to MAOIs with a stimulant, or treating ADHD with a scheduled narcotic, which they are unable to do at the current time. Nonetheless, this doctor understands which TCAs are NOT capable of being combined with MAOIs (imipramine & clomipramine), and also employs Lithium while most doctors in this area stray from due to pure laziness and unwillingness to properly perform medication management.

    At this time, I'm searching for a provider who can manage ADHD and combine a stimulant in conjunction with my current regimen, as this office is unable to and the other offices around here have no experience regarding MAOIs. Once I do find one, I'll update accordingly, as this can help augment partial responses to MAOIs and also treat those with ADHD which is excessively difficult to find given current misinformation regarding MAOIs in of itself.

    Thank you all for providing such a necessary and important resource for those who have been displaced as a result of widespread misinformation on MAOIs; this is necessary to reinforce the importance of both clinical use for patients and to help keep patients informed who might otherwise not receive proper treatment concerning the gravity of mental disorders, mechanisms by which they operate, and the overall impact it has on their welfare and on society as a whole.