MAOI Doctors


    If you know a doctor that prescribes MAOI's, please help building this list by adding them here

    When you ask your doctor about MAOIs it is a good idea to be educated about these medications and understand the diet. This will help you both work together in the same direction.

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     Doctor Name Country State / Province City Prescribed
    Barry RittbergUnited StatesMinnesotaSt. Louis ParkYes
    Joel S HoffmanUnited StatesNew YorkNew YorkYes
    Anand ChaturvediUnited StatesOHAkronYes
    Stephanie AndersonUnited StatesonlineonlineYes
    Russle HORNINGUnited StatesPhoenixPhoenixYes
    Robin JarrettUnited StatesTexasDallasYes
    Nathan CurrierUnited StatesUtahMilcreekYes
     Doctor Name Country State / Province City Prescribed