Nardil Shortage Easing

    Nardil shortage easing

    Many of you will know that in the past year there have been severe Nardil shortage issues across the world. Well, I have some great news for you Nardil lovers! The Nardil shortage now seems to be easing! This is thanks to a new manufacturer Lupin (based in India).

    Lupin is supplying Nardil to the USA which is then exported out to other countries such as Australia. So if you’re in the USA you should have a very good supply available. Some pharmacies may still need to order it, but you should be able to get it. 

    The Nardil shortage also now seems to be over in Australia and is back on the PBS.

    Word has it that Lupin brand is generally among one of the best, with some saying it is more potent than ERFA or Greenstone. The Lupin bottles contain 60 tablets (15mg each) and don’t need to be refrigerated (unlike the Link/Archimedes brand). 

    Nardil Shortage

    If you’re considering trying Nardil but haven’t been able to due to the shortage, you can finally do so now! In fact, I would encourage everyone to try Nardil now to increase production and make it more profitable for the future. 

    We hope that production will continue to happen in the future after a long and frustrating time of the Nardil shortage. 

    Are you finding it easier to get Nardil in your country or still having issues? Leave a comment below!


    1. I’ve been an Nardil for 36 years I had severe suicidal psychotic depression and tried every SSRI back in the 1980s nothing worked after 2 years of trying everything, my psychiatrist put me on Nardil and I have been symptom-free for the last 36 years. Recently I could not get my prescription filled (this is approximately one week ago) I had to go down to two pills a day instead of my usual three pills a day I am looking to obtain Nardil as the pharmacy I’m going to says there are no warehouses that have them .If you could direct me to where I can obtain them I would be ever grateful it looks like it might be available in Australia now which I will try but if you know of a quick way for me to obtain them please write me and let me know With much appreciation , Linda Rn Ps I will promote Maos at the psych facility where I work with young teens with depression anxiety Social anxiety etc …

      • I’m guessing you’re in Australia? Which pharmacies told you there isn’t any? When was the last time you got some in Australia? As far as I know Australia now has a steady supply from the US with lupin. So i’m interested to know how recently you tried to get it.

    2. I live in the United States We do have a generic supply of Phenalzine I’m looking for the Brand Nardil version I just tried to get Nardil (brand) here in the US and it is very difficult to get Nardil All warehouses are out of supply . I’ve tried Phenalzine and did not find it as helpful and it caused heart palpitations . If you know where I could find “ Nardil” I would be so grateful . Thank you for taking the time to listen and reply . I love working as a RN at my psych facility and would love to promote Maos with our psychiatrists . I would be happy to teach the kids and their families the required precautions

      With much Appreciation


    3. I’ve been reading about Lupin and it seems it’s better than most . I don’t know the name of the manufacturer when I tried it in the past I will definitely look into the Lupin Phenalzine . I really appreciate your taking the time to reply . By the way I would like you to pass on helpful info if you agree or have advice . Since I’ve been on Nardil I’m aware that it is in advisable to take. Epi pen for anaphylactic reaction . I’ve not yet obtained the vaccine and I’m washing out so when I go get the vaccine if I had a allergic reaction I could take the Epi pen . I would like to have your thoughts on this . With much appreciation Linda Levine

      • I’m pretty sure you cannot have epi pen while on an MAOI as it is epinephrine, which will interact with nardil. I would double check this with your pharmacist.

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