Nardil Reviews

nardil reviews

Here you will find a collection of inspirational Nardil reviews. The vast majority of people rate Nardil very highly. Some even love it so much that they rave about it on forums, telling other people to try it. The majority of people discover Nardil from all the nardil reviews posted online. If it weren’t for these nardil reviews, I would have never had discovered Nardil myself.

When Nardil first kicks in after about 6-8 weeks, it kicks in suddenly. Many describe it as a switch being flicked on in their brain. It is so powerful that most people even experience some euphoria for the first few weeks, or even months. When Nardil first kicks in, you’ll certainly know about it.

Firstly, lets look at the nardil reviews on some drug review sites:

Nardil Reviews on Drug sites – 8.7/10 – 4.2/5

These nardil reviews rate significantly higher than ratings of any other SSRI antidepressants. Have a read through the nardil reviews and you’ll see many people saying that it is the best medication they ever tried. Many claim it even saved their life.

One man decided to collate the reviews of all antidepressants across the all drug sites and found that Nardil came out with the highest rating of all. Unsurprising really!

Nardil Reviews on Dr-Bob Psychobabble Forum

Dr-Bob forums is where it all started in the early 2000’s. Many people who discovered Nardil first posted some nardil reviews here.

One of the most famous nardil reviews is from an Australian man by the name of “Ace”. He often refers to himself as “Nardil Champion of the Universe!“. Ace is quite an expressive chap, and suffered from severe depression and social anxiety, but Nardil made a profound difference. Ace is a Nardil legend, and should be a used as marketing for selling Nardil. It is thought that Ace is a practicing psychiatrist now (yes, psychiatrists can take MAOIs too!).

This is one of my personal favourite nardil reviews that really inspired me to try Nardil. I love the part where he says:

I used to be so socially phobic, I could not eat in front of others, I could not wear certain clothes for fear someone may disapprove, I could not approach the opposite sex.

After 3 months on Nardil I was wearing anything I like, walking around, at times, with died hair and shirt off, asking literally 10 girls out on a date every day. It made, and makes me feel, happy to be alive. It seemed to also provide a sense of love for others- at times I would purposely ‘bump’ into others just so I could have the chance to smile, say ‘sorry!


In another nardil review I AM THE CHAMPION OF NARDIL! he writes:

Nardil is amazing. Things are just getting better and better. Happiness, motivation, derealization and phobic response almost gone. It’s now started to wipe out my OCD. A few more weeks at 90mg will see the OCD gone. Whoever invented Nardil deserves The Nobel Prize. I mean, I’ve got a grin from ear to ear!


And another: NARDIL IS FU$#NG AWESOME!!!!!!

OK guys, at 60mg Nardil was working well – it kept depression right away and social phobia plus helped my anxiety and derealization….

But man, I’m back!!!!!

I pushed the dose right up to 105mg and it’s causing the euphoria like it did when i started it….I mean, I am going up to any gal asking for a DATE, feeling SO SO confident, motivated, blissful!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love washing my room now!!!!!!!! Also, it’s killing the anxiety BIG time!!!!! Moral of the story: NARDIL RULES!!!!!!!!!


You can find more of his posts here with nardil reviews:

Another happy Nardil user by the name of “Jasmine” writes, NARDIL is soooo awesome!!!!!!!

Another person by the name of UgottaHaveHope writes: NARDIL is a miracle drug and saved my life

Ross from Dr-Bob writes:

there is not a drug quite like nardil. it takes a full 4 weeks before it works and all of a sudden its like zap, it kicks your ass. it energizes you. gets you out into social situations, kills any depression u may have. it quite simply works better than anything out there right now. the diet is a joke. you can eat cheese just stay away from aged chesses. i ate so much chocolate to so many things… i can go on and on about Nardil…ross

‘Ross’ from dr-bob

Nardil Reviews on Social Anxiety Support Forum

Unsurprisingly, many people on SAS forum are huge fans of Nardil. You will find Nardil dominating most of the topics in the medication forum.

My personal favourite nardil review is by the user “Spaceboy”. He writes:

Once I got it, I had to wait a full six weeks (with fingers crossed) for it to work, but when it did – holey moley – the effect it had was astonishing. It vaporized my depression/social anxiety combo like a scrap ship around the perimeter of a south pacific nuclear test site. Finding Nardil was like finding the freakin’ Grail. I found myself thinking things like “Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, I’m free at last!”

Yessir, Nardil made a HUGE impression on me when I first took it. It energized me and allowed me to feel better than I’d ever felt as an adult. It’s hard to describe in words what it was like to be able to go to parties and participate in things like play-acting games – to be able to let go, forget myself, act silly, and join in the fun. It was also awesome to have a group of friends throw me birthday parties for the first time in my life (because I actually had a group of friends to throw it.) And I could carry on conversations without feeling awkward, constantly thinking about myself, and wondering what to say. And it was great being able to go to job interviews without having my heart pound out of my chest, my palms sweat buckets, and my voice quaver.

Review by ‘spaceboy’ on SAS Forum

Another satisfied customer by the name of “ChopSuey” writes:

Nardil (Phenelzine) took about 8 weeks before i noticed any positive effects, but god what a difference it made! It completely turned my life and now when I think back at all the things I’ve gone through due to anxiety I can only laugh about it. Now I’m extremely social, and the thing I love the most in life is actually talking to other people. It’s such joy just to be at great peace while looking at people’s faces when words are coming out of my mouth. Flirting with women is now a passion. I’ve also become a great listener, whereas before i was too busy watching my own behavior and could thus never remember a single word the other person said. I’ve lost most inhibitions to the point that I’m able to say and do anything out in public.

Review by ‘ChopSuey’ on SAS forum

A few others here:

I could go on with more Nardil reviews but there are just far too many to list here. I certainly hope this page has convinced some people out there to try it. Nardil saves lives!nardil