Nardil By Telemedicine (USA)

If you’re located in the USA and finding it difficult to get Nardil prescribed, there is now an easy solution! You can now get Nardil by telemedicine if you’re located in the USA. Plus I will tell you how to get $25 off your first consultation!

This is a real game-changer, because previously it was difficult to find a doctor who would prescribe an MAOI such as Nardil. Unfortunately, many doctors today are reluctant to prescribe Nardil due to outdated, incorrect, and exaggerated information about dietary restrictions. But thankfully now we have a solution for those who are located in the USA. has partnered up with the telemedicine site

nardil by telemedicine

The team at will gladly prescribe them to you in the USA.

A number of users on Reddit have already used them and given great reviews of their experience, for example:

Yeah I had an appointment with them the day after they opened nation wide. There wasn't any confirmation email or text from booking a phone appointment so I was a bit apprehensive but I did get a call at the exact time I had scheduled. Talked to one of the doctors for about an hour. Went over my psychiatric history and then he spent about 30 minutes going over all the interactions, side effects, etc. Went over the differences between Parnate, Nardil, Marplan and, Eldepryl and asked if I had a preference while strongly recommending one of the former two. Then he gave me dosing instructions and sent me an email that linked to consent forms and a link to their "subscription fee". I remained skeptical up until the point my pharmacy said my prescription was ready to pick up the next day. So it is a legitimate service for people who can't seem to get anyone else to prescribe them an MAOI. They don't seem apprehensive at all about it either. I've only tried one medication prior to this and that didn't seem to bother him one bit.


Nardil By Telemedicine – Get $25 Off Your First Consultation!

  1. Register an account at
  2. Login and complete an intake form
  3. Wait up to 24 hours to get an email saying your intake form is approved
  4. Login and book an account. At the checkout for booking the account, use the coupon code: ilovenardil to instantly see the $25 discount

Congratulations, you’re on your journey to a much better life with the best medication for depression and social anxiety ever invented! Getting Nardil by Telemedicine is going to be a massive game-changer and will allow many others to obtain this life saving drug.