Nardil Back on PBS in Australia

    nardil back on pbs in australia

    Great news for Aussie Nardil Users! Nardil has been put back on the PBS thanks to supplier Generic Health. That means you can now get Nardil at Government Subsided PBS Prices again! Generic Health is importing the Lupin version from the USA. So it seems like the supply will be good again!

    Nardil Back on PBS in Australia

    The most difficult thing now is to get a pharmacist to create an account with Generic Health. By default, they will tell you that they can’t order it. Ask them to create an account with Generic Health so it can be ordered. Unfortunately, many pharmacists are lazy and will refuse to do so, makeup excuses not to, or straight out lie. I have experienced this from several pharmacists at multiple Chemist Warehouse stores. In the end, I went to an independent pharmacy and they were happy to do it. It is very frustrating that many pharmacists behave in such a manner when people’s lives are at risk! So I highly recommend you all find an independent pharmacy as they are usually more likely to do their job!

    I also recommend that you try and obtain an authority script for a larger amount that can be all dispensed. This will give you a buffer in case of any future shortages of Nardil. 

    It is great to see Nardil back on PBS in Australia again! Hopefully, this will be the end of the shortage issues. If you aren’t yet on Nardil and want to find a doctor to prescribe you some in Australia, check out our MAOI Doctors List!