Nardil Shortage

nardil shortage

From March 2020 there have been reports of a Nardil shortage in most countries (except for US). People in Australia, New Zealand, UK, and Canada have all reported shortages of Nardil.

No one seems to know the exact reason behind the Nardil shortage, but there are some theories. Some suggest it is due to a shortage of a certain ingredient from China, while others suggest it is simply due to Nardil no longer being profitable to produce. If the latter is true, then it is important we spread the word of Nardil far and wide to get more people on it.

Dr Ken Gillman talks about the MAOI shortage

I have started an online petition that will be sent to all parties concerned about the shortage of Nardil. Please sign it here.

Dr Ken Gillman talks about the MAOI shortage

Nardil shortage in Australia

On the 2nd of April 2020, Link Healthcare Australia discontinued the drug Nardil (Phenelzine Sulfate) without any notice. It is believed that they are in breach of the notice period required by Australian law to discontinue a drug, which is 6-12 months. Furthermore, it is believed Link Healthcare made the decision of the impact being only “medium” when clearly it is “critical”.

In Australia Nardil is no longer on the PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme), making it unaffordable for many Australians with the limited quantity that is currently being imported from the USA.

At the time of writing, the only way to get Nardil in Australia is with a Special Access Scheme (SAS) form to get Nardil imported from the USA. However, many doctors have made obtaining this form difficult for some patients. Many doctors are not aware of such a scheme, while others simply don’t want to take the time to complete one.

Nardil shortage in Canada

ERFA is the supplier of Nardil in Canada, and they inform that the current shortage will be resolved in late May 2020.

Update: The shortage in Canada continues.

Nardil shortage in UK

Previously the UK Nardil was supplied by Archimedes but was since changed to Kyowa Kirin. The UK version is the same refrigerated version that was sold by Link in Australia. There is now a shortage with Kyowa Kirin.

On the 13th May, one Nardil user from the UK contacted Kyowa Kirin to ask about the shortage. They informed him that it won’t be discontinued, but it may not be until next year until they can get more. It is believed they are seeking an alternative manufacturer to Recipharm.

In the meantime, it is possible to get Nardil imported (Greenstone brand) to the UK and apparently this cost is covered by the NHS.